Understanding Your Gene Expression Data

GereDB Human

The GereDB Human is a database deposites the Human gene expression regulation relationships.

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The GereDB Human database is searchable through its web interface to retrieve gene expression links of your interests.

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GereDB Mouse

The GereDB Mouse stores the gene expression regulation relationships curated from Mouse literatures.

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The GereDB Mouse database is integrated to the Gene Expression Regulator Enrichment Analysis (GEREA) tool.


GereDB Pig

The GereDB Pig database is a perfect place to retrieve gene expression regulation relationships of Pig.

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The GereDB Pig database is intergrated into the Gene Expression Regulator Enrichment Analysis (GEREA) tool.


The 30,000+ Trsuted Gene Expression Regulation Links

GereDB is an comprehensive cohort of gene expression regulation relationships curiated from published literatures. Geredb has been continually devepleted for more than 4 years, making it the one of the most trusted and complete collection of gene expression regulation database in the community. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience analysis your data.

GereDB is More Than A Database, It’s A Powerful Analyzing Tool.

GereDB gives you the ability to build virtually gene expression regulation network with the analyzing tool Gerea. The professionally designed tool were built entirely with our options and enable you to find significant over represented gene expression regulation networks. GereDB and Gerea is can be downloaded freely for academic purpose or can be accessed frome our web server without any limitation.

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